Local 1000D

Former NP Minneapolis, MN


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Lee Flandrich began his railroad career with BNSF in 2005 working as a Switchman and Conductor. Prior to working for the railroad, Mr. Flandrich served the communities of Columbia Heights as a Police Officer for 15 years.  Lee brought that desire to serve others from his years as a peace officer to his Union Brother and Sisters at Local 1000 and was elected as Vice Local Chairman.

As Vice Local Chairman, Lee used his knowledge, experience and leadership skills to build strong relationships and a sense of camaraderie with his co-workers.  His efforts were recognized by his colleagues and in 2015 Lee Flandrich was elected as Chairman for Local 1000D.  Lee hopes that his Union Brothers and Sisters can look to him as a “voice of reason” as he seeks to lead them through these very difficult times.

In his spare time, Lee enjoys photography, cars, history, and traveling.